8 Parenting Hacks

Life with a toddler is difficult, it's always new, and its definitely unexpected. So when I learned these parenting hacks, I had to pass them along. They're soo simple but can save you loads of time and energy!


1. Pool-Noodle

Yup, that's right put a pool noodle (or a rolled up towel) at the edge of your toddlers bed so they can't roll out. It will prevent your little one from falling! 


2. Messy Mealtime

Active toddlers need more mealtime coverage than a small bib provides. Slip a large T-shirt over your kid's clothes as a washable smock. Peel it off when the meal's over and wash it as usual.


3. Potty Training

Toilet paper rolls can be hard for toddlers to handle. Instead, keep a box of pop-up tissues near the potty so toddlers can grab one piece at a time.


4. Left Foot, Right Foot

Toddlers can get fussy while walking and so they ask and ask again to get picked up. Well next time that happens, play a game. Have a "Speed walk" who can get to the corner quicker? Your little one will have so much fun racing you, they won't mind walking. 


5. Grabbing A Cup Of Joe?

Keep your toddler entertained in the coffee shop by turning cardboard cup sleeves into "superhero arm cuffs" or "spy goggles."



6. You Can Limit Screen Time

Instead of playing a movie from the beginning, fast forward to the middle. Toddlers aren't into the plot lines at that age anyway. Our TV time was literally cut in half. Instead our little man has a new favorite toy, Woodie!


7. Chores

Give your toddler a damp microfiber cloth and let him dust and wipe down surfaces. "Chore practice" may not get things perfectly clean, but it makes him feel involved in household jobs and sets him up for more responsibilities as he grows.


8. Organizing Toys

Keep toy cars and small stuffed animals visible but tidy by storing them in the clear pockets of a hanging shoe organizer on the back of your child's bedroom door.



9. Keep Them Safe 

Make a custom bracelet for them with your phone number and make sure they know you phone number is there. They'll enjoy wearing a customized bracelet just for them and you'll feel better knowing they have your number, win-win


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