11 Baby and Toddler Products that Belong on Every Registry.

Summary: Are you stumped as to what you should request as part of your baby registry? Even if you feel like you already have it all, you shouldn't skip these 11 baby registry essentials.  


As your belly gets bigger and you're preparing to give birth to your baby, you're probably scrambling to make sure that you have everything ready to go to the hospital, stay at the birth center, or have your baby at home under the supervision of a midwife. While you may feel like you already have everything you need to keep you and your baby comfortable throughout the birth process and beyond, it's easy for important things to slip through the cracks amid all of the hustle and bustle of the final stages of expectancy. That's what baby registries are for, but if you don't know what to put on your registry, this important tool for new mothers won't do any good. As you put together your registry, make sure that you ask for each of these 11 items. 



Simple White Onesies

You may have already picked out tons of cute outfits for your baby boy or girl, but one thing that often gets lost in the search for ultimate cuteness is the necessity of having a few plain onesies around for each stage of your baby's growth. There are plenty of brands out there that make functional onesies that you won't worry about getting dirty, and packing one of two of these simple garments whenever you go out is a great idea. Pro tip: Keep in mind that many full-term babies are already too big for newborn-sized clothes by the time they are born, so if you have a history of big babies in your family, you might want to skip this size and go straight to three-month or even six-month clothes. 


Multi-Functional Nursing Covering

While some moms might be comfortable nursing in public, you may want to get a multi-functional nursing covering that will provide you with privacy while you breastfeed your baby. You can also use these coverings to provide your baby with shade in his or her car seat, and they also make for great scarves when you aren't using them. 

Basic Bottle Cleaner

Whether you're planning on breastfeeding exclusively or not, you'll want to have a good bottle cleaner on hand. Even if you don't ever mix up a pouch of formula or use a breast pump, you'll be drinking a lot of water in the weeks after you give birth, and if you consistently drink out of the same water bottle, it will get dirty quickly. Ask for a bottle cleaner on the off chance that you'll be stocking up on baby bottles, but keep it to make sure that your water bottle stays clean throughout the post-partum phase. 

Mess-Free Diaper Cream Applicator

Whether you use a diaper cream that you buy at the store or make your own, you'll need to provide your baby's bum with a waterproof covering to ensure that they don't get rashy. Applying these creams, however, can be a pain, and you might want to invest in a silicone applicator if you want to protect your kid while skipping the mess. 

Portable Bidet for Post-Partum Cleaning 

Going to the bathroom becomes a sensitive issue for moms after they give birth. It may be a week or more before wiping yourself feels comfortable, and you'll need a portable bidet in the interim to make sure that you remain sanitary. 


Silicone Pouch Bib 

Let's face it: Most bibs are relatively useless, and cleaning them can be more of a pain than it's worth. Silicone bibs, on the other hand, are easy to wipe down, and the types of silicone bibs that have pouches on the bottom ensure that food won't end up on the floor. 


Lidless Silicone Sippy Cups 

Eventually, your newborn will need to start drinking water and other fluids, and traditional sippy cups simply won't cut it in today's market. Round sippy cups that babies can drink from at any angle are all the rage these days, and you'll want to stock up on models with handles and without. 

Nose Decongester 

If your baby ever gets stuffy, you'll want to have one of these suction nose decongesters on hand. 

Carseat Mirror 

These mirrors help you keep an eye on your baby when you're out on long car trips. 



A Carrier that Adjusts with Your Baby's Growth 

Many different carriers on the market only work with infants, and plenty more only work with toddlers. However, there are a few different carriers that will remain viable even as your little one becomes a toddler, and you should definitely request one of them on your baby registry. Some of these carriers come with inserts that you can use with your newborn, and other companies provide tutorials on how to augment their carriers to fit the needs of your tiny babies. From there, these carriers have adjustable straps that you can alter as your baby grows to make it easy to continue to carry your little one. While you should always hold your baby on the front and facing you until they are old enough to hold their head up on their own, you can then switch to holding them forward-facing, and you'll even be able to put them on their back once they get old enough. 

Corner Protectors

There's nothing like the joy you'll experience as your little one gets up and starts taking their first rambling steps, but your newly mobile baby will also encounter new dangers in their vertical world. Before your kid starts motoring around the house, make sure that you've covered any sharp corners with cushy corner protectors that will defend them from booboos.

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