7 Healthy Baby Foods to Take on The Go

Taking care of your little one can be enough of a challenge at home, but providing your precious child with healthy snacks while you’re on the go is even harder. Instead of caving and buying whichever sweet treat your baby or toddler points to at the store, bring one or more of these seven snacks with you to curb hunger and keep your kid healthy.

Putting Together Food for a Trip Can Be Challenging

Snack time is simply easier when you’re at home. From baby formula to complex dishes, feeding your baby is simpler when you have your entire kitchen at your disposal. In the car or at the park, however, snacks that are fine at home can get messy fast, so it’s important to keep things down-to-earth when you prepare snacks that your baby will eat when you’re on the go.

Now is not the time to find your inner master chef. Instead, think about what you’d love to eat if you were a baby, and don’t worry too much about presentation. Here are some examples of the best foods you can bring with you whether you’re going on a short drive with your baby or your entire family is going on an outing:

7 Healthy Baby Foods to Take on The Go

1. Cheese

Cheese is a simple snack that you can take with you anywhere you go. However, not all types of cheese are made equal.

For instance, picking up a package of single-sliced American cheese isn’t the best way to look out for your child’s health. In most cases, sharp cheddar and other natural types of cheese are much healthier, and you don’t need to stop there on your search for the ultimate cheese for your trip.

In addition, you might want to make sure the cheese you choose is made from milk from grass-fed cows, and pick a cheese that’s free from artificial preservatives and flavors. Sea salt is better than table salt when it comes to cheese, and you may even want to look into the benefits of raw cheese if you want to give your child the best nutrition possible.

Enjoy your cheese of choice in slices, squares, or sticks. Pair with apples, mangoes, or turkey for a delicious medley.

2. Apples

Apples are a hit with kids of all ages simply because they taste good. At the same time, however, apples offer a lot more nutritional benefits than most sweet things, which protects your baby’s health and helps prevent meltdowns on the road.

These fruits contain tons of important vitamins, and they may even protect your cardiovascular help. Additionally, apples contain tons of dietary fiber, which is essential to the health of your baby’s growing digestive system.

As you select your apples, keep in mind that kids like sweet, crisp options like fuji apples and steer clear of granny smith and red delicious. Even more importantly, make sure you choose the best organic and non-GMO apples at the store, and if the apples you’re considering are covered with wax or a soapy residue, make a different choice.

Remember to slice your apples before you feed them to your little one. Tiny chunks might even be preferable.

3. Nut Butters

Kids love nut butters of all kinds. If you’re averse to peanut butter, remember that you can always choose almond or sunflower seed butter instead.

While this snack is somewhat messy, feeding your baby nut butter with a spoon usually cuts down on spills. You can also spread your favorite nut butter on a thin apple slice to make it easy for your baby to eat. Remember that nut butters take a while to swallow, so don’t rush things.

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are great on their own - no salt required! Prepare a few eggs and shell them ahead of time to make snack time easy when you’re on the go. You may even want to cut your eggs into slices, but babies also love sinking their little fingers into soft, squishy eggs.

5. Bananas

Bananas are a great addition to any trip with your baby whether you prefer them whole or sliced.

6. Mangoes

While fresh mangoes are easy to eat, keep in mind that dried mangoes, while very delicious, can be hard to chew when you don’t have many teeth. Cut up some mango ahead of time and bring it in a reusable container when you set out on your trip.

7. Sliced Turkey

Don’t forget the protein when you head out on a big trip. Turkey also contains a lot of iron, and your baby will love playing with this food’s texture and pairing it with other snacks.

The Importance of Safe Formula

Even if your baby is already used to solid food, healthy formula is essential if you aren’t breastfeeding. In fact, you may want to supply your baby with formula for his or her first few years of life to promote proper growth and development. Organic, safe baby formula is a must on any outing, but finding the right formula for your little one can be tricky.

Here at Tastyganics, we’ve spent years searching the world for the best formula options to give to our babies. While the USDA’s organic standards might be just fine for most of the foods you bring with you when you take your baby on a trip, this agency’s criteria for baby formula leave a lot of loopholes that American formula manufacturers ruthlessly exploit.

The next time you’re packing up apples, cheese, and bananas for your baby, remember that choosing European baby formula is the best way to invest in your child’s long-term health and well-being. Since European baby formula is free from sucrose, soy, and other harmful ingredients, it’s the perfect addition to any healthy snack that you take on the road.

7 Healthy Baby Foods to Take on The Go

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