The Best European Baby Formulas

The Best European Baby Formulas

In recent years there has been an influx of parents searching for European baby formula, We've put together a little bit of history from each company. I believe history is important: it will give you a good sneak peak into the foundation of the company and what it was built on. Later we'll be posting a complete breakdown of each company, their certifications and ingredients, so stay tuned!


HOLLE Baby Formula

A Little Bit About European Baby Formulas

Suprisingly enough everyone believes Holle baby formula was founded in Germany. However, Holle was founded in 1933 in Arlesheim, Switzerland! The first Holle wholemeal bread and first Holle organic baby formula was produced there! For the first 30 years or so, Holle was only available in Switzerland. In the Sixties, they expanded into Germany through Reformhaus, which is a huge German retailer specializing in groceries and personal care items, (it's basically an Organic produce and personal care store.) Once entering the German market, other markets in Europe became interested too. As organic produce became more and more seeked after, Holle baby products became increasingly available in the wholefoods and organic market sectors.
In the nineties, Holle began expanding their product range. This was the beginning of their Organic Holle baby formula. By 1996, due to increasing international demand, they became rather large and needed to expand their production lines. Therefore, they moved production to Germany where they now have huge farms with happy and healthy cows.



A Little Bit About European Baby FormulasAs a matter of fact Lebenswert baby formula is part of the Holle brand. In 2009 Holle became Demeter certified and introduced Lebenswert Bio baby formula which was also produced under the Demeter certification. Lebenswert has bio-dynamic certification which is even stricter then the EU Organic Certification. This basically means that he network of farmers they use must follow strict guidelines in which both the land and the animals are greatly valued and respected.
Note* To more closely comprise a formula mimicking breast milk, Lebenswert formulas use lactose as their sweetener.


HIPP Baby Formula

A Little Bit About European Baby Formulas
HiPP has a rather interesting story. Joseph Hipp was a confectioner in Pfaffenhofen, Germany. At the end of the 19th century, Joseph Hipp and his wife were blessed with twins. Fortunately or unfortunately, his wife had problems nursing which gave way to a brilliant idea. Joseph hand crushed rusks (aka dry biscuits) and milk to make the first baby cereal. It was a success and a foundation for a much needed product. Joseph began selling this new, hand made baby food in his bakery. News spread like wildfire and it was a huge success.
Today HiPP is the leader in quality and sustainability which stems from Georg, (Joseph's son.) He became a pioneer of organic agriculture and in 1956. He developed a new manufacturing process for baby food in jars as a hygienic form of packaging. Ever since, Hipp has stood for ecological agriculture and sustainable values. Continuously improving their eco-balance.

TOPFER Baby Formula

A Little Bit About European Baby Formulas
Topfer was originally founded in 1911 by Max Topfer. He was the first manufacturer of therapeutic foods for infants. While living in Böhlen, Germany, he worked in close collaboration with doctors to achieve the highest hygienic and technical standard. In 1923, Topfer decided he needed more space and raw materials. So he made the move to relocate to Dietmannsried in the Allgäu alps, it was pretty much just green land. In 1958, a new family, the Gablers purchased the company but only under one condition: if they remain to claim the highest quality known throughout Europe. The Gabler family did just that! Till today Topfer produces its organic baby food exclusively in Dietmannsried under strict regulations for organic farming.

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