Baby Skin Concerns: Heat Rash

We are so Excited to launch our interviews with Dr. Eyal Levit. 
After an influx of questions concerning skin related issues we decided to go to the experts. Dr. Levit graciously agreed to talk about the top concerning skin problems occurring in babies. 

During the month of November we will be posting new videos throughout the with Dr. Levit as he explains each skin concern and puts our worries to rest. 

Today he is talking about Heat rash.


What Causes Heat Rash

Heat rash is a skin condition that develops when your baby’s skin gets too hot. More specifically, heat rash is caused when the sweat gets trapped in the small pores with no way out. 

Fortunately, heat rash isn’t a serious condition and It’s perfectly normal for babies to get heat rash. With proper treatment, it usually goes away after a few days.


How To Treat Heat Rash

If it's summer, crank up the A/C a notch or put a fan in your baby's room to lower the temperature. In winter, be sure to monitor your thermostat. 

When you're dressing your baby, use lightweight, loose-fitting clothes that allow the affected areas to breathe. If you want to use a cream or lotion on the affected area make sure to check with your doctor first. Some creams can block sweat and further irritate the skin.


How To Prevent Heat Rash 

Remember the stort about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Her porridge was too hot, then too cold, and finally, just right. The same concept can be applied to regulating your baby's body temperature—you're looking for "just right." This could involve a little trial and error but use yourself as a barometer: If you're too hot, there's a good chance your baby is too 

Resist the urge to overdress. This means lightweight, cotton clothes in the summer and the appropriate amount of clothes in the winter.  


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