Baby Skin Concerns: Milia

We are so Excited to launch our interviews with Dr. Eyal Levit. 
After an influx of questions concerning skin related issues we decided to go to the experts. Dr. Levit graciously agreed to talk about the top concerning skin problems occurring in babies. 

During the month of November we will be posting new videos throughout the with Dr. Levit as he explains each skin concern and puts our worries to rest. 

Today he is talking about Milia.


What is Milia

Milia are tiny white bumps that appear across a baby's nose, chin or cheeks. It is most common in newborns but can occur at any age.

Milia are most commonly seen on a baby's nose, chin or cheeks, though they may also occur in other areas, such as on the upper trunk and limbs.


How to Prevent & Treat Milia

You can't prevent milia. And no treatment is needed because they usually disappear on their own in a few weeks or months. So try not to worry about it too much. 


Tips To Keep Your Baby's Skin Looking Flawless

  • Keep your baby's face clean. Wash your baby's face daily with warm water and mild baby soap.

  • Dry your baby's face gently. Simply pat your baby's skin dry.

  • Don't pinch or scrub the bumps. You may cause more irritation or an infection.

  • Avoid using lotions or oils on your baby's face.


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