Benefits of Organic Bananas for Babies?

Benefits of Organic Bananas for Babies?

Bananas have been a standby of parents of infants for generations. These tropical fruits are the perfect consistency for babies to chew and swallow, and they are packed full of vital nutrients that your little boy or girl needs to grow up big and strong. Plus, bananas are one of the least expensive fruits available, which fits perfectly with the often-strained budget of a dedicated mom or dad. Here are some of the benefits of bananas that make these simple and mild fruits so beneficial for your growing baby's health: 


Bananas are High in Iron 

Hemoglobin, which is a constituent of your blood, is essential to your baby's health since it carries vital oxygen to all of the cells in the human body. Since bananas contain high levels of iron, they help promote the production of hemoglobin, which staves off anemia and promotes optimal cell growth. 

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Bananas Protects Bone Health 

Bananas have high levels of calcium, which is the compound that is most prevalent in your baby's bones. Since these fruits also contain lots of potassium, they are highly effective foods for helping your baby's growing bones maintain their strength. 

Bananas Have High Fiber Content 

Foods that are high in fiber make you feel fuller for longer, and bananas are very fibrous foods. This attribute of bananas makes your baby's belly feel better, and it also protects you from cranky, hungry cries. 

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Folate In Bananas Promote Healthy Brain Development 

Folate, which is also known as vitamin B9, is contained in bananas in high quantities. This substance can treat folate deficiency, and it also appears to have neuroprotective benefits, which means that it supports proper brain function and neuronal growth in your baby. 


Bananas Promotes Good Eyesight

Since bananas are good sources of vitamin A, eating plenty of these fruits can help your baby maintain good eyesight all throughout their life. Specifically, vitamin A protects the cornea, which is the eye's outer defensive layer. 

Bananas Aid in Healthy Digestion 

Whether your baby is suffering from constipation or diarrhea, the high fiber content in bananas can help restore your little one's natural digestive functioning and alleviate these uncomfortable conditions naturally and without medications. 


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