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For my first kiddo, I did what I assumed every parent did when it was time to register for my baby shower. I went to Babies R Us, sat down at one of the desks and received my free water bottle and a folder full of what seemed like endless lists of “things I needed”.  It was a one stop shop for all of it, and outside of feeling like I was little off base on what I thought I could do without and what I thought were necessities, it was a pretty good experience.

If you have not been living under a rock, you know that Toys R Us, owner of Babies R Us, went through the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history last year. The big book of toys and the acres of replica nurseries are no more. So- now that my second baby is on the way, I want to know what my options are! Are there any “one stop baby shops” left?

This is what I have come up with so far. I know that Buy Buy Baby is all the rage. In fact there is a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode all about Kim going to register for one of her babies and the store opening up special for her to do so without anyone else there. If it is good enough for a Kardashian-West kid, it surely is good enough for mine. And by the way, you do have the option to do all of your registering online. 

But, the issue I keep running into with second baby is that the items that I am in need of are more “big ticket” then I would ever expect for any one shower guest to give me. Enter: Amazon Baby. (ironically, also featured on KUWTK, but in this instance it was for Khloe’s daughter, True)

The feature that I like most about this Amazon service is that shoppers have the option to purchase part of an item. For instance, I have registered for a double stroller that is about $300- far more than I would ever expect anyone to spend. But, say I am a guest that wants to spend $50 on a baby shower gift- I have the option to go onto amazon and put my $50 toward that big ticket item. When enough people have done this and the item is purchased, it is automatically shipped to the new mama. So convenient!

I know that there are other department store options that offer registry, such as Target, but they really don’t have EVERYTHING. If you go that route, you will end up needing to register at multiple stores and remember exactly what it was you registered for at each to avoid duplicates- and with pregnancy brain, you just shouldn’t ask that of yourself. 

Happy Registering!

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