Fevers and Boogies and Rashes, Oh My!

Fevers and Boogies and Rashes, Oh My!

The first time my little guy got sick I was a wreck. It is so hard to see them suffering, and there are so many things that you can’t give a little one that would make you feel better as an adult. I wanted to put together a list of items that are my go-to’s when my little guy has a “sicky bug” that me (and him) breathe a little easier.


Saline Spray

Over the counter decongestants are not given to children under two years old, and some not until 6 years old. Because infant noses are so little, there isn’t a lot of room for extra gunk- so nasal congestion can really inhibit breathing. Saline Spray is a natural home remedy that you can use to break up some of the mucus and get it out easier using a nasal suction device. (such as the nose frieda) My favorite Saline Spray is the brand “Boogie Wipes”. It comes in an aerosol can and is a true “spray” as opposed to the drops that are sold by other brands. It makes it easier for the saline to really get up into the sinuses and do it’s job. Its also no mess, and quick and easy to use. The same brand makes a grape scented saline wipe for runny noses that is a go-to in my house as well. When your kiddo gets a little older and can start to blow, the saline helps relieve irritation around the nose and break up what I call “the crusties” that build up around the nose.



Ear Thermometer

While temporal scanner thermometers are difficult to use on squirmy little ones, and getting an infant to hold a thermometer under the tongue is impossible, the ear thermometer is very easy to use on uncomfortable little ones. It takes a reading in about 3 seconds, as opposed to the 30 and 1 minute that the other forms take. The one I have is from Braun, and I really like it. It has interchangeable ear piece covers that are disposable so you don’t risk infecting others that use the thermometer with something they didn’t already have.



Little Remedies Honey Cough Syrup

Over the counter cough medicines are not recommended and in fact not effective on infants, so finding something that soothes your little ones soar throats and coughs is crucial. Popsicles are great too, but I LOVE the Little Remedies Honey Cough Syrup. I have used this when my little one has croup and it really made a difference. I really like that it only has 3 ingredients, two of them being honey and water. Mix with a little bit of warm water in a bottle and it really calms soar throats and coughs.

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

My son was definitely blessed with sensitive skin. He has had a couple of bouts of eczema as well as tends to react to outdoor allergens quite a bit as well. Swimming pools, certain bubble baths…you name it and the kid gets some sort of scary looking rash. I found Tubby Todd through another mommy blogger and she described her kiddo as being very similar to mine. I was skeptical that the cream cost $16 for just a small jar, but thought I would give it a try as nothing else was working for us. This stuff is a miracle! I applied it on a patchy rash on his face for two days and on the third morning, it was completely gone. I use it for everything. Diaper area, face, arms and legs- it works everywhere and is gentle enough for my sensitive little one.




Children’s Benedryl Itch Cooling Gel

Not only does my son have sensitive skin, but he is an avid and fearless explorer. He loves to be outside more than anything in the world and unavoidably comes inside with various itches and hotspots. Although the cooling sensation takes some getting used to for most kids, the quick relief of Children’s Benedryl Itch Cooling Gel can be a life saver to an uncomfortable kiddo. The recommendation is that it is not used on children under two years old, but our pediatrician said that being within a couple months of that is close enough.



Having a sick or uncomfortable kid is hard no matter what- but having some things on hand that are safe, reliable and give you both some relief can make that cold, flu, or rash go quicker for both of you. Just remember to wash your hands constantly, take your vitamins and stay hydrated! The only thing worse than a sick kiddo, is a sick mama.

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