Fun Ways To Photograph Your Newborns First Days

Often times we are so busy adjusting to our new life we forget to capture the moment. They're teeny tiny for only a short amount of time although it doesn't feel that way, they'll grow up fast. So trust me, its worth capturing those precious moments and here's a unique way of how. 

1. Tiny Feet And Hands

Capture tiny fingers and toes in the first 2 weeks. Often times these first few weeks fly by so fast, you don't even remember how tiny they truly were. Most parents agree these photos serve as a true time line.


2. Candid Moments

Images of parents and siblings holding and interacting with a newborn are priceless. Try to capture this extreme newness and overwhelming sense of love from those first few weeks. Your child will one day treasure seeing images of you and your family lovingly ushering him or her into this brand new world.


3. Zoom In

As your newborn begins to take in the world around him, you may catch different expressions. Zoom in on these moments. You never quite know what will inspire them—sometimes joy, sometimes wonder, sometimes a little gas! Nevertheless, the photos will be priceless. 


4. Family Shot 

Capture the whole family snuggling together. Not only will you have a photo but in it you will capture the joy and love between your family members. 



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