Get Off The Back-Burner

Sometimes we put so much emphasis on our children, we seem to forget about ourselves. Lets take a step back and remember our own personal health and fitness is extremely important. It is not only important to us but also to our children. We all want to have long and meaningful relationships with our loved ones but personal health and well being sometimes gets placed in the back-burner of priorities. If you take it too far and neglect yourself it can harm not only you but your ability to take care of your little ones.Fit yourself into your busy schedule. Allocate 10 minutes a day to work on those glutes, or do some cardio. Maybe dance around the living room for 10 minutes a day or perhaps you may find a mommy yoga class of interest. The point is, movement keeps you young and healthy and when kids come into the picture we lose ourselves in the abyss. So remember, all it takes is ten minutes a day to keep yourself active, in shape, and healthy. 

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