Have You Been Mom Shamed ?

Let me start with this... mom shaming in general, is simply unfounded and wrong. I simply do not understand the concept of it. Who came up with this? Shouldn't we be helping one another, giving advice, talking about past experiences, supporting one another? I think Yes!

Unfortunately many moms bash each other for absolutely everything: from what toys are being bought, to how much time is spent with the baby, to what they are putting in their mouth. Statements like, “if you don’t have time to watch your kid, don’t get pregnant” float around as if its the new norm. Well guess what, every mom is different, no two are alike. We are opinionated, strong, and fearless. And the childbirth alone proves it! It's no surprise we will do things differently but that doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong. The amount of love every mother radiates towards her child is unlimited and every mom knows whats best for her baby. 

Let me explain why I'm going off on a rant here. I was recently mom shammed for not breast feeding. I bottle feed and I was lucky enough to find a company that I can trust. They are organic, healthy, have no preservatives or added chemicals, have ethical farming standards, the list goes on. I'm talking about Holle baby formula, a European formula that has far superior standards to those made in the states. It's a truly an amazing formula.

So what happened was I was basically told straight to my face that I am selfish and obviously do not love my baby and that is the reason for me choosing to bottle feed. Well first off, my milk supply was, for lack of a better word, nonexistent. So I opted out for formula. It drove me nuts, I had no idea what to do. I stayed up nights researching the best formulas until I finally and accidentally came across Holle. After reading all the reviews on Holle I was finally able to calm down a bit. Every review I read was a positive one and that's not something that's easy to come by. 

After all of this I was mom shammed. The funny part is I'm not really mad or upset. Yes, it was unpleasant to say the least but at the end of the day, I know my baby is growing up in a house surrounded by love and care. And why would I let anyone alter my mood and form a imbalanced harmony in my home? I guess the moral of the story is, there will always be someone who will get you upset, or plain old pissed off. But you shouldn't let them succeed in that. Keep your head up high and keep walking because you're better than that! #support



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