Honest Review for Moms, Dads, and Everyone In Between

Honest Review for Moms, Dads, and Everyone In Between

Raise your hand if you ever read a review and thought, “Wow, I must have this.” Sounds familiar, right? Excitedly, you fetch your credit card and order the item. Waiting patiently, counting down the days until your UPS man (who knows you by name at this point) delivers your package. Finally, the well packaged box requiring 3 pairs of scissors and a blowtorch to open arrives (I swear sometimes they package these things so well, its impossible to open!) You pry it open, take the item out of its box and turn pale! “What, is this?” Its as if the reviews you’ve read were based on an entirely different item.

Did you raise your hand? Okay so maybe not literally but I’m sure you’re with me.

Heres my take on it… when it comes to certain items, I get it. People have different opinions. For example, perfume: I love the smell of vanilla, it transports me to a world filled with butterflies and marshmallow clouds. My mom on the other hand hates it and I just cant figure out how or why or how?!? 

My point is perfumes, I get it, different people find different smells alluring. Its a matter of personal taste. But what about baby formula, or baby toys and clothes? I do admit there are some exceptions but on the most part reviews should match. So why are they often times completely opposing. 

I want real reviews! I want the pros and cons. And not the generic “pros” list posted on the manufacturers website! I want the real deal, experiences from mothers and fathers. And not the experience that comes an hour after receiving the item. No! I want reviews after a month of usage, I want it used and abused! I want to know how your baby reacted, after 3 days is the product still being used, how easy is it to keep clean, does it break or rip easily? 

Honest Review for Moms, Dads, and Everyone In Between

There are so many questions to be answered. Thats why I decided to jot down my thoughts on products. After a month or two of usage, I will report back with the good, the bad, and the ugly. No holding back! Honest reviews for smiling babies and happy parents!

Oh and fyi please leave us a comment with your own reviews, questions, or thoughts we love reading those. Or if you want to drop by and just say Hi, we always smile back. :)


Hugs and kisses

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