How To Find The Perfect Bassinet

Newborns typically sleep around 16 to 17 hours per day, don’t you wish you could trade places sometimes? 

With so much sleep time you want to ensure your new addition to the family is comfortable and able to rest peacefully. After all, newborns spend more time in REM sleep, which is necessary for the development happening it their brain. So while those baby brains are growing and developing let’s be rest assured they are at their most comfortable. 

I looked at many different bassinets, I did some online research, read reviews, went to multiple stores, asked friends, you name it. After all the efforts I can now proudly add “Bassinet Expert” to my resume. 

Surprisingly or as I seem to learn more and more often: you can’t just go into a store, find a cute bassinet, and purchase it. There are a few parameters by which to choose the right fit, maybe you don’t even need a bassinet or maybe you need two. 

Before I give you my list of the top 6 bassinets, lets go through all the FAQ’s and guidelines.


What you need to know before Buying a bassinet: 


Do you need a bassinet?

Technically No you don’t. You could start of with a crib but many parents opt to get a bassinet. They are easy to maneuver and you can have a watchful eye on your baby at all times. At night you can have the bassinet by your bed and during the day while you’re doing some healthy cooking and paying the bills you can bring the bassinet into the living room. 

Some parents choose to buy two bassinets, they leave one at home and take the other to the grandparents. If you take the baby to their grandparents while you run errands or get your hair and nails done. It is rather comforting knowing your baby will be comfortable in their bassinet while someone has a watchful eye on them.

Bassinets are also great if you have lingering back issues from childbirth or surgical stitches from a C-Section. It can be difficult picking your baby up several times a day. You can use a bassinet while you’re recovering as it is much higher than a crib and doesn’t require as much of an effort. Your back will thank you later. 


At what age can you begin to use a bassinet?

You can start using your bassinet the second you arrive home from the hospital. 

Your baby will be sleeping majority of the day so you want to make sure you have a cozy place to put them. 


At what age does a baby outgrow their bassinet?

A baby will begin to outgrow their bassinet at around three to six months. There are a few factors that will let you know when to make the switch to a crib: 

  • Once you see your baby is able to rollover and sit or their mobility is beginning to increase it’s time to make the transition to a crib. Bassinets have lower sides than cribs, so once they can move around, its no longer safe to leave them there. 
  • Weight Limit - The weight limit of the bassinet is an indicator you should keep close track of. Take note when your baby is getting close. 
  • As your baby begins to grow and develop they will physically outgrow the bassinet, it will be too snug and no longer comfortable.

Whats the difference between a crib and bassinet?

A bassinet is used for multiple reasons but mainly because it allows you to keep an eye out on your baby through out the entire day, ensuring everything is A-Okay. Once your baby outgrows the bassinet (three - six months) it will be time to get a crib. There is no problem with starting your baby of with a crib right away and skipping the bassinet, thats just a matter of preference. Bassinet can also give you some time to search for the right crib. 

Plus bassinet are easier to use if you have back pain. 


How long does a baby sleep in a bassinet and when should I lay my baby down?

Newborns will typically sleep 16 to 17 hours a day. Thats about 10 hours each night and 6 - 7 hours during the day. So expect to be laying them down rather often. The rule of thumb is, lay them down once the begin to get tired and before they fall asleep. The second you sense any drowsiness, put them into the bassinet. 




Bassinet Guidelines: What To Look For In A Bassinet:

Mesh walls
Mesh walls are great when you put the bassinet by your bed side. They Mesh walls offer breathability but also visibility. Allowing you to see inside while laying in bed. 


A Mattress That Is Thin And Hard
Instinctually mothers want to cuddle their baby on soft mattresses and give them added cushioning. However, safety guidelines insist you should never add any additional padding and blankets. Firmer mattresses have been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS as they can pose as a suffocation hazard. And don’t worry about the comfort of your baby, they will be just fine.


Weight Limit Of the Bassinet
Take note of the weight limit on the bassinet you want to purchase. If you’re still pregnant you may want to hold of on a bassinet with a weight limit of 15 pounds. If you have a condition like gestational diabetes it may lead to having a heavy baby. If you have a 10 pound baby it wont be long until they reach the 15 pound mark making the bassinet short lived. 


How Portable Do You Want IT To Be
This is something that is very individual. Will you be taking your baby to their grandparents often and want to take your bassinet with you? If so you may want a portable one. 

Will you be moving it from bedroom to living room and back. How mobile does your bassinet need to be? There are options to look at: from foldable to on wheels.


How Easy Is It To Find Sheets To Fit
Most cribs are standard size so it’s easy to find sheets to fit. However, there are some bassinets with irregular shapes. Make sure you have a few spare sheets for accidental leaks or spit-up incidents. 


Is The Mattress Made Of Non-Toxic Material
Mattresses can be made of potentially harmful materials like toluene and formaldehyde.

Make sure the mattress is non toxic and poses no possible harm to your baby.


Does It Have The Extras You Want
Keep in mind bassinets can have many add on features. Some have a feature that plays music, others vibrate to sooth your baby, and some have have an attached mobile. Not all bassinets have these features so you’ll have to decide if you are willing to pay extra.  


Do You Want It To Rock
Rocking could be soothing if you have a colicky baby. But if you go for this option make sure it has a locking mechanism for when you want it to stay level. 



Now that we have our FAQ’s and guidelines covered lets take a look at the different types of bassinets available. made a pretty good and easy to follow list of the different types of bassinets on the market. so lets take a look.

The Different Types Of Bassinets:

Bedside Bassinet

The bedside bassinet offers a simple style that allows you to position the sleeper as close to your bed as possible. Typically, these bassinets come with an adjustable stand that fits under the bed to help save on floor space. As an added tip, look for a bedside bassinet with sheer mesh sides that allow you to view your baby while you lay down in bed. The mesh offers breathability and visibility for peace of mind.


Co-Sleeper Bassinet 

The co-sleeper bassinet is often ideal for nursing moms and babies with breathing issues. Although you can use a co-sleeper as a freestanding bassinet, the purpose is to set it on the side of the bed where you sleep. You can drop one side of the bassinet and attach it to your bed, so it acts as an extension. The co-sleeper makes it easy to feed, snuggle, and comfort your baby.


Smart Bassinet

Technology has now caught up to traditional bassinets and moms everywhere are grateful. If you have ever had a tiny tot in your house before, you know what it feels like to wake up in the middle of the night to soothe fussy cries. Smart bassinets offer technology that can sense your baby’s cries and respond accordingly with gentle rocking and white noise.

Multipurpose Bassinet

The multipurpose bassinet, sometimes also called a transitional bassinet, offers a load of benefits. It is Pack-N-Play that has a removable bassinet that you can attach to the top. When your baby starts showing signs that they no longer need the bassinet, you can transition them down into the playpen area to help them adjust to a larger sleeping space.

Travel Bassinet 

A travel bassinet is simple, which allows you to fold it up and go when you are in a hurry. The travel bassinet folds up into a compact size for easy storage. They are often lightweight, too, which makes them easy to carry. Typically, most of them come with a tote for additional convenience. When you make plans to go on vacation, there is no reason to lose sleep thanks to the travel bassinet.






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