Lebenswert Baby Formula

Why do we love Lebenswert baby formula? Simple.



Lebsenswert Stage 1 uses lactose as their sweetener. Lactose is actually the main source of carbohydrates found in human breastmilk. It is also the very reason that makes breastfed babies thrive as it provides the calories needed to fuel their growth.

Want more reasons to love Lebenswert baby formula? 

Bioland Farming

Imagine being certified organic, now imagine being certified organic in Europe. Better right, we all know European organic standards are far superior to the ones here in the USA. But now imagine going 5 steps further from EU organic to Bioland Certified. Mind Blown! It's basically the holly grail of organic! And when it comes to our little ones. Well, they deserve the best of the best and Lebenswert baby formula definitely delivers. Bioland farming is committed to purity and good nutrition you can trust. Their farming practices are humane, kinda, and thoughtful. They treat cows (and all other animals) with respect and care in result, they have the cleanest , tastiest milk for your baby. If you want to learn more about Bioland Farming click here.


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