7 Mini Vacation Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

Planning a vacation with kids is NOT the same as planning it for your self or with hubby. There's just so much more planning involved and well, lets just face it, it's Hard! If you're planning a vacation, think simple: A few days away, not to far so the kids don't get TOO cranky (I know what you're thinking, my kids think a 5 minute drive is too far and will get fussy in 10 minutes, but stay with me here). Loads to do and see, entertainment for the whole family, and an overall beautiful place to go. I got you covered! We compiled a list of places to vacation with the whole family.

1. Fairbanks, Alaska

Also known as Winter Wonderland. If you want to catch aurora borealis,  September to March is is your best bet. You'll have the whole family memorized with it's natural beauty. Aside from that, kids can burn some energy on a playground compete with ice sculptures at the World Ice Art Championships at the Kid's Park. Or you can schedule a tour to see Alaskas Wildlife. If you have time, drive out to Chena Hot Springs Resort to warm up.



2. Cascade, Colorado

The kids are going to go bonkers when the see Santa's Workshop, a Christmas-themed amusement park where the kids can meet Santa himself! But that's not all Cascade has to offer, Cascade is perfect for day trips and has some outlandish waterfalls worth seeing. Make sure you leave time for horseback riding through the Garden of the Gods or see the waterfall at Heizer Trail in Cascade Community Park.



3. New Haven, Connecticut 

Did you know, the first American pizza was introduced in New Haven. Well Guess what's on our list of to-do's. Head to Frank Pepe's for lunch (oh and get the fresh clam topping, you'll thank me later). After a delicious lunch, even your kids will love (likely minus the clams) go on a hunt after The Cupcake Truck. The truck has a new location every day but thankfully they report it followthatcupcake.com. And since this is a college town, there a lot educational activities, too. Yale University sponsors a free, student-led Architectural Treasure Hunt tour for kids.  



4. Sun Valley, Idaho

If you're going during the winter months, the ski areas could be a fun, new experience for kids. Bald Mountain and nearby Dollar Mountain, the latter with gentler slopes are amongst the most popular. In summer, the resort has miles of mountain trails, equestrian routes and wildflower-filled meadows. Go hiking along the Baker Lake Trail or check out beautiful blooms at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden. If you are in town from mid-December to March, try going on a sleigh ride followed by dinner at Trail Creek Cabin. 



5. New Orleans, Louisiana

In City Park, check out characters at Storyland, a fairytale theme park with dozens of ginormous, larger than life exhibits of popular characters. Make this an educational trip as well by volunteering your family's time to the rebuilding effort; organizations like Habitat for Humanity offer daylong projects everyone can chime in on. And make sure you visit the crown jewel of New Orleans, the French Quarter



6. Ocean City, Maryland

This is where summer dreams come true! Take a walk or ride along their beautiful boardwalk. You can rent a bike or you can just sit back and take a ride while enjoying the beautiful views. Don't forget to put deep-sea fishing into your schedule. At sunset be sure to grab a seat on the Ferris wheel where the views are spectacular. For dinner, grab a seat at any restaurants. You'll find the best,  most scrumptious seafood in the world, right here. 



7. South Deerfield, Massachusetts 

Love butterflies? well you're about to be amazed. You can get up close and personal with over 3,000 butterflies from around the world! The Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens is an 8,000-square-feet conservatory that will amaze and astonish the whole family, a feast for the eyes and soul.


Wherever you go, remember its not about your destination it's all about the smiles, laughter, and the company you have.  

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