Our Top 5 Favorite Bassinets

Choosing the right bassinet can be a difficult task. There are tons of choices, so how do you pick? We broke this up into two parts for the sake of simplicity. Check out our buying guide here, you will find everything you need to know before purchasing a bassinet from safety to the different types available on the market. On this page we will present to you our top 6 bassinets and why we like them. 

But first lets review a few additional safety tips:

Make sure to remember about safety guidelines. Even with the safest bassinet you must still follow your own standards. Never place stuffed animals, toys, blankets, pillows, or addition padding in the bassinet. All of these things serve as chocking hazards. If you’re worried the original mattress that came with the bassinet is to hard for your baby, be rest assured they will be just fine. 

Do not add additional features to the bassinet. Some bassinets come with a mobile. If you chose one that didn’t, don’t try to finagle it onto the bassinet. The mobile can detach and become dangerous to the baby. 

If you purchase a bassinet with wheels, always remember to lock them in place when it is not in motion. Leaving the wheels unlocked can pose a risk of injury. A baby that stirs in the bassinet can be enough to set the bassinet forward. 

Stop using your bassinet once your baby outgrows it. Once your baby is able to prop themselves up, sit down, or their mobility has increased it will be time to transition them to a crib.     



HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

This bassinet is at the top of our list, it does it all. BabyList called it the most innovative bassinet and BabyGearLab reviewers deemed it as the most ideal for mothers recovering from a C-Section. 

The Halo is a co-sleeper and is specifically designed for easy use from your bed, perfect for nursing mothers. It has an adjustable height feature, adjusting from a height of 24 to 34inches, and thats calculated from the floor to the bottom of the mattress. If you take into consideration the top of the rail it would go over 40 inches tall. The 360 degree swiveling feature allows you to turn it in any way and direction you’d like to bring your baby closer. 

The Halo includes a nightlight, 2 levels of vibrations, sound, and music to lull your baby to sleep. All features have a 30 minute auto shutoff so you don’t have to worry about it, just set it and forget it. You can also set alerts, reminding you to put your baby back to bed after feeding. It has 2 pockets, one on each side, which are actually pretty small but its better to have than not so I’m not complaining to much. 

The idea behind the Halo, is to give moms an opportunity to relax and recover after giving birth and it does just that. Since the Halo adjusts to most beds and even couches moms don’t have to get up to access the baby. The sidewall lowers down so you and your baby are on the same level.

The walls are made of breathable mesh material and the mattress is waterproof and has no toxic retardants. Some parents could be concerned the mattress is somewhat thin. However, we do want to mention that a thinner, firmer mattress is better for newborn babies to reduce the rick of SSIDS

The CJ Foundation certified this bassinet as the safest alternative to bed-sharing for reducing SIDS risk.

The bassinet itself weighs close to fifty pounds, as you can imagine, its not as portable as some other options. The base is rather bulky and requires a fair amount of space under and around the bed but it’s the bulky base that makes this bassinet very sturdy.  

Weight Limit: 20 pounds
Price Tag: $249.99


  • Ideal for co-sleeping
  • Waterproof mattress
  • Soothing vibrations
  • Music & sounds with auto shutoff after 30 min
    • Heavy
    • Large base





     babybjorn bassinet

    Babybjorn Gentle Rocking Cradle

    The babybjorn has a stylish and minimalistic design. 

    They’re marketed as using all safe materials however, the board that supports the mattress is made of MDF (just like most others), and the mattress is made of polyurethane. Some believe their safety claims are a bit exaggerated but we think you should know exactly what's what before you make your own claims. 

    This bassinet doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles but we like their minimalistic design. 

    Due to the lightweight suspension system it rocks itself in response to you baby’s motion (and you can rock it to.) 

    The walls are made entirely of breathable mesh material incase you baby’s face finds the sides and as most parents know, they always find the sides. Plus mesh is great for getting a sneak peek.  

    Overall, the quality, design, and safety surpassing all U.S. standards put this on our favorites list. The only con I personally have with this bassinet is the price tag. At around $349 I would say its a rather expensive price for such a simple design. 

    Weight Limit: 17 pounds
    Price Tag: $349.00


    • Breathable airy mesh material all around
    • Lulls your baby to sleep
    • Rocking feature
    • Expensive
    • Hard to move




     snow smart sleeper

    SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest baby 

    This is my personal favorite and I’ll explain why. But first, I should warn you, it has a pretty hefty price tag and you’ll have to dish out some serious cash for it. 

    It was created by American Pediatrician and baby sleep expert Dr. Harvey Karp. He is the brains behind the totally automated bassinet. The Snoo will automatically respond to your baby with just the right amount of attention. Any fussiness whether it’s from your baby’s cries or wiggles the Snoo will begin to gently rock and/or give off sounds mimicking the mothers womb. Simply said, it’s smart bassinet capable of giving you uninterrupted snooze time and leave your baby with happy pleasant dreams. In the case where more attention is required the Snoo will alert you. 

    Although it's quite expensive many parents agree it’s worth the splurge because…well… Sleep! Its like having a “know it all” caregiver at home. With the Snoo you can enjoy your full nights rest and be ready to tackle the next day to.

    One reviewer said: The bassinet is so effective at helping babies sleep that the creators claim it can teach babies how to self-soothe without sleep training. Reviewers on Amazon rave about the product and say that it is worth every penny.

    Weight Limit: 25 pounds
    Price Tag: $1,160.00


    • Fully Automated to sooth your baby to sleep
    • Smart phone compatible
    • Sends alerts when added attention is needed
    • Slows parents to sleep through nights
    • Expensive





    chicco bassinet

    New Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet 

    This is the bassinet for travel. It’s simple light weight, and portable. It comes with a carry bag you can swing over your shoulder and take with you. Whether you walk a few block over to the grandparents, put it in the trunk of your car for an easy road trip, or take it with you on a plane up a farther journey: this bassinet allows you the freedom to go far and wide without worry. Set up is super easy, it takes seconds due to the snap on feature of the legs. Literally seconds!

    The fabric is made of high quality soft and light weight materials. It’s easy to wipe clean and can be easily removed for washing. Speaking of fabric, it has mesh material on both sides so you can always take a sneak peek at your baby. The new Lullago now features a large pocket on one side for easy storage where you can keep a few back up diapers, theyalways come in handy. 

    The bassinet is nice and sturdy it features anti-slip feet to keep it from sliding. We tested this on both carpet and hardwood floors and it is indeed anti-slip, we had no issues.

    Because the bassinet hangs down: when your baby wiggles it will sway from side to side. Now this could be bitter sweet. If your baby wiggles lightly this is a great as it will sway your baby back to sleep. However, if your baby is a wiggly sleeper, it will move more than you’d like. Nowhere near to a gentle sway.

    The mattress cover it comes with is not water proof so you will have to buy one that is. Although the mattress thin, it is still soft enough to be comfortable. 

    Weight Limit: 20 pounds
    Price Tag: $99.00


    • Light Weight
    • Easy assembly
    • Travel friendly
    • Easy to clean
    • Folded dimensions:  8” x 22” x 20”
    • Mattress is on the thin side
    • Can sway to much with a wiggly sleeper




     fisher price soothing motions bassinet

    Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

    I really love this one but its a bitter sweet type of love for me. 

    It has a cute mobile with hanging stars and a removable light projector that doubles as a night light. The projector projects stars onto the walls and ceiling. Growing up in the 90’s when everyone had glow in the dark stars plastered all over their rooms, this is a sweet reminder of childhood.

    The bassinet uses vibrations and soothing sounds to keep your baby happily dreaming. 

    In case your baby begins to stir, a built in natural swaying motion is triggered. It activates and lulls your baby back to sleep so you get more rest. You can also use your gentle push to rock the bassinet. 

    Fisher price pulled out all the stops and we expected nothing less. 

    The mesh walls allow you to keep a close check on your baby at all times while offering breathability and airiness, which we love. The Storage on the bottom is comfortable to use for a few clean diapers and change of clothes.

    The down side, it’s only about 28inches tall from the base to the top edge of the bassinet. This isn’t very tall at all and unfortunately the height is not adjustable. This can make it hard to bend down to pick your baby up, especially if you have lingering back pain from child birth or  

    Surgical stitches from a C-Section. 

    Another down fall, it comes with a replacement sheet but it will be rather difficult to find more replacements for this bassinet due to not standard size. 

    Weight Limit: 40 pounds
    Price Tag: $119.00


    • Includes a mobile with hanging stars
    • Soothing sounds and music
    • Calming vibrations
    • Rocking motion generated by you or your baby
    • storage space
    • Mesh sides 
    • Hard to find replacement sheets
    • short compared to other bassinets


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