Power To The Left Shoe

Before mom life hit me I had no clue of the dangers involved when driving. Before you become a parent you simply drive: get in the car, get to the mall (or you know wherever else), get out of car. Done! There was nothing else the think about. However, once you become a mom a lot more steps are involved, especially the one where I ALWAYS leave my coffee cup on top of the car. Well, it’s not a surprise that tired and exhausted parents have caught themselves leaving their baby in a hot car. New parents are simply not used to all the additional steps involved when it comes to driving with a baby in the back. We are so used to our robotic movements of getting in and out that sometimes we simply don’t even think about the little bundle of cuteness in the back seat. The current statistic is: an average of 37 children die in hot cars each year! Now that its summer time, I think it is especially important to address the issue and use preventive measures.  


The Best Tips and Tricks When Driving With A Child

This will sound funny BUT how far have you gone without your shoes? I bet not too far at all. Well here’s the idea….. After buckling your baby into their car seat TAKE OFF your left shoe and keep it in the backseat as you drive. Its a simple trick and even if you do exit your car without looking to the backseat, your bare foot will remind you, you left something behind. It may be a silly trick but sometimes it worth it to be silly. 


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