Pregnancy Nutrition: Foods to Avoid during pregnancy: Poultry and Meats

During pregnancy, changes in your metabolism and circulation may increase the risk of bacterial food poisoning. Your reaction may be more severe than if you weren't pregnant. Rarely, your baby may get sick too. 

To prevent food-borne illness:

Fully cook all meats and poultry before eating. Look for the juices to run clear, but use a meat thermometer to make sure. 

Cook hot dogs and processed deli meats such as bologna, until they're steaming hot - or avoid them completely. They can be sources of a rare but potentially serious food-borne illness know as listeriosis

Avoid refrigerated pates and meat spreads. Canned and shelf-stable versions, however, are okay. 

Don't buy raw poultry that's been pre-stuffed. Raw juices that mix with the stuffing can cause bacterial growth. Frozen poultry that has been pre-stuffed is safe when cooked from its frozen state. 

Cook eggs until the egg yolks and whites are firm. Raw eggs can be contaminated with harmful bacterial salmonella. Avoid foods made with raw or partially cooked eggs, such as eggnog and hollandaise sauce. 

Avoid large quantities of liver. Liver is okay during pregnancy, but don't over do it. Liver is high in vitamin A, and too much vitamin A can cause birth defects. 

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