Preparing for Baby Brother

I have known that I want more kids since the second I met my son, Lake. But, as I await the arrival of my second son, I realize that there are a lot of things about adding another kiddo that are not that straight forward. For instance, how and when do you evict baby number one from the nursery? How much do you talk about or tell your little one about the arrival of baby? What does labor and delivery look like in terms of care for your older child? How does the introduction go? The first days home from the hospital?


It’s a lot to think about.

As I am not due for another couple of months, I haven’t successfully navigated all of this yet. But, I have sought advice from people that have and have gotten some really helpful tips that I thought I would share. As a matter of fact, the only way I've really prepared was by getting my hands on a few Holle Pre boxes. Literally the only organic baby formula I trust. Just incase my milk doesn't come in right away (or at all) I want to make sure I have at the best of the best backed-up for my little man.  


So anyway...

Creating a “big boy room” has proven to be pretty key in helping Lake to understand the change that is coming. The most important parts of transitioning to big sibling's new room is making sure that they are excited about and involved in the creation of it. For instance, when we asked Lake what kind of room he wanted, he answered “Dino Choo-Choo Room”. It isn’t conventional, and no it doesn't really go with my modern-farmhouse aesthetic, but it made Lake excited about his new space and made him feel a sense of ownership of it from the beginning. We are starting with naps in there, and eventually will transition to nights. Stay tuned on how that goes.

As far as our labor and delivery plan, we wanted to plan something fun for Lake that would take his mind off the fact that he didn't know where mommy and daddy were or what they were doing. My family and I have a cabin less than 2 hours away, and Lake loves it there. The plan will be that my parents will take him there for a special couple days together while baby comes and then he will meet us at home to be introduced to baby brother.



My sister-in-law shared with me what they did for that introduction and I plan to steal it! When her son was born, she had gifts prepared that were to be given “from little brother” to big sister and vise versa. It really helped her daughter to connect with her new baby brother and establish a relationship from the start. I haven’t decided what our gifts will be yet, but I can’t wait for them to give them to one another!

I cannot wait to meet my second little man, but I want to be sure that my first born feels supported and taken care of too. Thinking about things well ahead of time helps to take the pressure off when the moment actually arrives.

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