The 13 Must-Have Baby Food Books

1. The Big Book of Organic Baby Food

We recommend the Big Book of Organic Baby Food if you want something that tackles each stage of your baby's development. The guide tackles hundreds of baby-focused recipes, covering smooth and chunky purees, finger foods, toddler meals, and smoothies. Each chapter comes with "growth overviews" where you can better understand your little one's needs from baby to toddler and beyond.

The 13 Must-Have Baby Food Books


2. What a Good Eater!

What a Good Eater! features family-friendly meals designed to promote well-rounded eating. Many recipes here use herbs and spices to expose your baby and toddler to many flavors, colors, and textures. Through this variety, you can encourage openness, minimize picky-eating habits, and set the stage for a positive food experience for your baby.

The book's authors consulted with trusted nutritionists, dietitians, and pediatricians to make their recipes as balanced as possible. With this baby food book, your baby can benefit from nutrient-rich ingredients like kale, salmon, and avocado.


3. It All Begins With Food

Leah Garrad-Cole's own experience as a mother and teacher transforms this book into something helpful and memorable. The best thing we love about this baby and toddler book? It takes everything great about popular processed foods and transforms them into something natural and healthy.

With this guide, you can tackle healthy recipes for everything from baby foods and family meals. You can find inspiration for delicious everyday eats, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the snacks in between!


4. Annabel Karmel’s Weaning Made Simple

Annabel Karmel is the leading author of baby food books in the UK, and her work related to babies speaks for itself! Her baby books feature helpful lists, portion guides, meal planners, and easy-to-eat recipes that come with beautiful food illustrations. This book tackles everything from the best age to reduce baby's milk feeds to making nutritious diets that babies with allergies can eat.


5. Simple & Safe Baby-Led Weaning

Don't have the time to spoon-feed your baby's first solid meals? The solution is baby-led weaning, a process that empowers little ones to feed themselves in a healthy way!

In this cookbook, parents can learn the dos and don'ts of baby-led weaning. It also offers great practical advice for healthy recipes and serving size diagrams to save you from guesswork.


6. Weelicious

For new parents who want easy recipes for the whole family, this baby food cookbook is a must-buy! It comes with family-friendly meals that won't fail to satisfy everyone's cravings.

While Weelicious focuses more on homemade family feasts, it features an excellent baby and toddler section that deserves mention. Every recipe in this portion can quickly become a go-to in your house - like the Sweet Potato Puree or the Teething Cookie--babies will love it!

The 13 Must-Have Baby Food Books


7. Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook

Parents who don't have much time for food prep will love this book. The author, Anjali Shah, has created a comprehensive guide on what to make when feeding your baby solids for the first time. It consists of shopping lists, food items, scheduling charts, serving size guides, and more.


8. The Amazing Make-Ahead Baby Food Book

As its name suggests, this book by Lisa Barrangou covers several simple yet effective food prep strategies. From organizing your shopping list to meal preparation, you can make each process faster and more manageable. It also comes with a three-month meal plan that combines the best purees made from fruits and vegetables like mango, avocado, and sweet potato.


9. Cooking for Kids

Who better to give recipe advice than a world-renowned Michelin-star chef like Alain Ducasse? Unlike other baby food cookbooks, this one tackles a wide range of flavor combinations. The author weaves his way around nutritious fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins, to provide balanced recipes for solid foods.


10. The Slow Cooker Baby Food Cookbook

This cookbook is proof that slow cooking is one of the most convenient ways of preparing solids for your baby. Just add some quality fresh ingredients, adjust the heat, and wait! Many parents love this bestseller by Maggie Meade because it provides a wide variety of easy-to-prepare solids for babies.

You can store your homemade foods in the freezer or fridge to save time. From fruit sauces to cereals, this is the best baby food book to read if you want to delve into the world of slow-cooking.

The 13 Must-Have Baby Food Books


11. First Meals Revised

Are you having trouble feeding a fussy baby, toddler, or child? First Meals Revised is another best-selling book by Anabel Karmel that many parents consider a saving grace. It covers everything you need to know, from nutrition information, handling food allergies, and advice for quick and easy solid feeding.

This cookbook also has a portion dedicated to feeding children, from homemade party favorites to delicious lunchbox combos that promote healthy eating.


12. 201 Organic Baby Purees

Take fresh, healthy ingredients and turn them into delicious purees for your babies! 201 Organic Baby Purees cookbook comes with lots of solid recipes divided into different sections, each one focusing on a different baby age. From blueberry parfait to melon-cucumber mashup, these solid food recipes will be too hard to resist for even the pickiest babies.


13. Baby Nosh

Caring for a baby with food sensitivities is extra work, but Baby Nosh can help you navigate the issue. It features fifty natural purees and other digestible foods that offer ample nutrition for your little one's sensitive gut. With Baby Nosh, you can whip out fast, fresh, homemade solids that your baby can easily eat.


Did You Find the Baby Food Cookbooks You Need?

The best baby food books show that homemade feeding is important. However, you can find many quality pre-prepared foods that help save time and give your baby something healthy to eat. You just need to know where to look.

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