What To Watch Out For In Baby Formula

Non-organic ingredients

Simply putting an Organic label does not make a formula safe, however avoiding any non-organic formula a good start. Conventional formula likely contains:

  • GMOs
  • Traces of pesticides
  • Milk contaminated with antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Oils extracted with hexane

Organic baby formula is almost always superior to anything conventional. However, not all organic formulas are made equally. 


Soy In Baby Formula 

Soy formula is only recommended if a baby suffers from dairy intolerance. If you’re buying non-organic formula, the soy is likely genetically modified.

Synthetic l-methionine is added to soy formula to meet nutrition requirements. Because it is produced with things like hydrogen cyanide and other air pollutants, it is prohibited in European organic foods. This means that there is no such thing as organic soy-based infant formula in Europe.


Sugar in Baby Formula

Breast Milk is naturally sweet so its no surprise baby formula is also made to be sweet. However the type of sweetener used makes all the difference. 

The sweetener that most closely mimics human breast milk is lactose, but this cow’s milk-based sweetener is expensive and not often used. As a result, many  manufacturers use plant-based sucrose, which was banned by The European Union. But not to worry, 1 European brand put our minds at ease. Holle Baby Formula Stage Pre uses lactose as their sweetener  

Unfortunately he FDA provides no such regulation on what kind of sugars can be used which leads to many manufacturers using rice syrup, corn syrup solids, fructose, etc. 


Which Formula Should I Buy?

Ever since I found out about Holle Baby Formula, I've don't my fair share of research. Holle uses truly organic ingredients. The milk they use comes from cows raised on Demeter farms which means the treatment of their cows is humane. They treat their cows with love to get the best possible milk. Its been shown that cows who are treated better have a better milk composition than those who are not. Apparently the hormones are at play here and can negatively or positively affect the milk. 

In conclusion, if it were me I would choose Holle Baby Formula. They are organic, ethical, and truly care about the quality of their baby formula. 



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