Top 3 Organic Baby Formula Brands

Summary: What are the best organic baby formulas out there? Check out our in-depth breakdown of the best formula brands that you can pick if you want your baby to be happy and healthy. 


 Are you trying to figure out which type of formula is best for your baby? With so many choices out there, it can be hard to figure out which formula brand produces the best products that are free from toxic ingredients. If you're educated on the ins and outs of the world's biggest formula competitors, however, it becomes easy to pick a winner from among the various contenders on the market. In this guide, we'll help you learn more about each of the most popular organic baby formula brands to ensure your ability to make a responsible decision that your baby will love. 


#1: HiPP Formula

HiPP Formula is one of the most popular baby formulas, and it's easy to see why. Instead of ARA and DHA, this company includes omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which metabolize into these substances in the body while avoiding potentially dangerous extraction processes. The company that makes HiPP formula is based in Germany, and many of their formula products have passed the EU's strict organic certification guidelines. It's important to point out, however, that this brand's hypoallergenic line isn't considered organic, and these products also aren't Demeter certified. Some HiPP formula lines also contain soy, which is a controversial substance. 

Consumer advocacy groups have identified that HiPP formula may contain unhealthy levels of aluminum, which is a neurotoxin. However, this formula is non-GMO, it contains low levels of pesticide residues, and it has low mycotoxin levels. 

#2: Lebenswert Bio Baby Formula 

Lebenswert baby formula is another organic formula brand from Germany that has become more and more popular among American parents in recent years. This formula only comes in three stages, but each product has been certified organic by both the EU and Bioland. While Bioland is considered to be a reputable organic food authority, it is relatively new and doesn't have the same stringent guidelines as Demeter. Later stages of Lebenswert formula are sweetened with substances other than lactose, which may raise concerns for some parents. However, these products don't contain any soy or corn oil, and they have short ingredients lists that don't seem to contain any fillers. This formula is actually produced by Bioland, which means that it is organic to its very roots. In addition, Lebenswert Bio doesn't contain any maltodextrin, which might be a plus for certain parents. 

#3: Holle Baby Formula

When it comes to the title of top baby formula producer, Holle wins without a doubt. Holle is the only baby formula brand that bears the Demeter seal of approval; each of their cow formulas up to Stage 3 has been certified by this distinguished German organic foods organization. If a product is certified by the USDA or the EU's organic food certification process, it is usually safer for your baby than a product that isn't certified organic at all, but both the USDA and EU allow products to get through that really have no right to bear the organic label. 

Unlike other formula brands that frequently resort to soy to pack in extra protein, Holle formulas only include natural milk protein or healthy whey protein. Plus, the ingredients list for Holle formulas only includes vitamins, minerals, and other components that are essential to the consistency or nutritional aspects of the formula, and any fillers or toxic ingredients are left out of the equation. Best of all, you can use Holle formulas well into your child's toddlerhood; this brand offers a complete line of formulas that become more and more nutritious as your baby's feeding needs evolve. 

While formulas that contain natural milk protein are often better than competitors that use inferior forms of protein, not all milk is the same, and cows that live on Demeter-certified farms have access to biodynamic grazing, and they aren't subjected to inhumane practices like dehorning. When cows are happy, they produce good milk, and Holle passes on these nutritional benefits to your baby.

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