Top 3 things that Actually Helped our Reflux Baby

When I first became a mom I was a bumbling idiot, believing everything I read on the internet and buying every product that promised to help my baby. If you have ever had an acid reflux baby, especially as a new mom, you know what I am talking about. Smelly breath, crying incessantly and inability to string together two hours of sleep were the main symptoms we experienced. Through all the googling and calls into the advice nurse we came to rely on a few key must haves and fixes that truly seemed to help our little guy.

Top 3 things that Actually Helped Our Reflux Baby



  1. Inclined Rocking Sleeper

The Rock and Play Sleeper was our best friend during the difficult months of reflux. The incline helped keep that stomach acid and breast milk in his tummy where it belonged and the  music and hours of constant rocking were total life savers that gave our boy the peaceful rest he needed (and mom needed).


  1. Gripe Water

This natural remedy is just the ticket for getting those gas bubbles out without all of the spit up and nastiness that can come with it. It has calming ingredients in it as well that can ease the middle-of-the-night tantrum. It is free of dies, alcohols and parabens and is safe for 2 weeks and up! It's worth the $11 bucks!


  1. Post-Nursing Pacifier

The Pacifier, or “Sussy” as it’s called in our house, is another saving grace for reflux babies. Taking breaks during nursing sessions to burp while using a pacifier  was a tip we received from our pediatrician, and it really seemed to make eating less of a bear. Full disclosure: this did create a bit of a “sussy” addiction, that we will have to deal with at some point- but that’s the least of your worries when dealing with a reflux baby. Be sure that the pacifier is both the right size, and the right shape for your baby. We were told that flat nipples, such as this one were best for their mouth development.

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