Why Is European Baby Formula Better?

It’s natural to want the best of the best for your baby. The American baby food supply, however, is saturated with toxic ingredients that could make your little one sick and cause serious long-term issues. Learn why European baby formula is better than anything offered by domestic brands and why you should trust Tastyganics as your source of the best European baby formula on the market.

European vs. American Baby Formula: What’s the Difference?

You might not think there’s that much difference between the baby formulas available on either side of the Atlantic. Thirty years ago, you might have been right; during the postwar economic boom, the evangelists of baby formula spread this alternative to breastmilk far and wide, and Europeans were just as likely to use dangerous baby food formula as Americans.

With the dawn of the organic food movement, however, people in the developed world started taking a closer look at how tinkering with the food supply might have had unintended consequences. In the last few decades, both the USA and the EU have put organic food certification standards into place, but the USDA’s organic standards are full of loopholes that allow dangerous ingredients into supposedly “clean” baby formula products.

Why Is European Baby Formula Better?

Stricter Regulations

The EU’s organic agency has created incredibly strict regulations that prevent various common toxins from entering baby formula. In addition, some European baby formula brands are certified by independent organizations like Demeter, which lay down even stricter standards for products they consider to be organic.

As a result, European baby formula is generally safer and cleaner than formula made in the USA. Formula producers in the EU have been forced to comply with incredibly strict standards to market their products to the ever-growing eco-conscious consumer base, and as a result, European formula is simply better and safer in every way.

Better Ingredients

Stricter standards mean that European formula contains better ingredients. While American baby formula might contain dangerous sweeteners like sucrose, for instance, this substance is banned in the EU, which means that European baby formula usually contains natural dairy-derived sweeteners instead. Plus, fillers like wheat and corn are nowhere to be found in formula made by European brands, and everywhere you look, being held to stricter standards results in higher-quality ingredients that are better for your child.

Real Proteins

Replacing dairy proteins with soy is one of the dirtiest tricks in the baby formula industry. Soy protein only costs marginally less than whey or casein protein, but American formula manufacturers are allowed to reduce costs by removing dairy products from formula and using this sub-par protein source instead.

Soy contains xenoestrogens, which are estrogen-like compounds that are present in various food and industrial products. Studies show that the xenoestrogens in soy protein can cause reproductive issues in boys and girls who consume soy formula as infants. Girls who consume soy protein have more painful menstrual cramps later in life, and consuming too much soy can reduce the healthy production of testosterone in boys.

In general, children shouldn’t eat soy, and this substance has absolutely no place in baby formula. It’s much better to stick to the natural dairy proteins present in European baby formula options.

Better Choices

When you choose to buy American baby formula, you’re presented with a variety of options that all end up being the same thing: toxic. There’s incredible product diversity, however, in the European baby formula market that makes it easy to choose the right formula for your child. From cow formula for newborns to goat formula for toddlers, you have tons of options at your disposal when you choose European-standard organic baby formula, and it’s guaranteed that all these options will be better for your child than even the most popular American organic baby formula options.

Why Is European Baby Formula Better?


For years, leading nutritional scientists expounded upon the wonders of DHA and ARA. However, most DHA and ARA on the market is contaminated with hexane, which is a notorious neurotoxin. This unfortunate reality all-but eliminates the benefits of these substances, which makes it all the better that most European baby formula options don’t contain either of these potentially neurotoxic nutrients.

No GMOs or Pesticides

The EU’s organic certification organization takes GMOs and artificial pesticides very seriously. While most American baby formula products should also be free of these harmful ingredients, knowing what we know about the USDA’s lax organic certification standards, it’s best not to blindly trust that this is the case. If you’re serious about protecting your baby from cancer-causing pesticides and GMOs that might hurt your little one’s DNA, choosing a European option when you shop for formula is the only way to proceed.

No Toxic Heavy Metals

The EU’s stricter organic standards are far less permissive of the heavy metals that are present in many American formula options. Estimates suggest that up to 80% of American baby formulas are contaminated with toxic levels of heavy metals, which means you’ll need to choose European formula if you want to avoid the dangerous effects of these toxins.

How to Pick the Best European Baby Food

In the past, getting European baby formula was next to impossible for American parents who wanted the best for their children. By buying European formula in bulk and shipping it within the United States, however, the Tastyganics team makes the European formula revolution available to average U.S. consumers. No longer will parents in need of formula be forced to rely on dangerous American brands.

With European formula so accessible, it’s now easy to contrast and compare the different European brands that make baby formula. Whether goat or cow formula is right for your little one, you have all the options you need at your disposal. Save your child from the disadvantages that American formula imposes by choosing your favorite Holle, HiPP, or Lebenswert formula today!

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