You know your pregnant when......

I had a small baby shower recently and all of the girls - 7 moms, and 2 preggo ladies plus myself - decided to play a game. It was called "You know your pregnant when" followed by something funny but true that takes place during your pregnancy. We had a ball laughing so I wanted to share some of the quotes here. 

You know your pregnant when......

You know you're pregnant when you are asking an unborn human being to kindly get off your bladder.


When no matter how hard you try, you can't stay awake.


When after a huge plate of food you're hungry an hour later BUT you don't want to say anything. But you still do, cuz you're hungry. 


When you go out for sushi night and all you can have is the chicken teriyaki bento box with shrimp shumai and an avocado roll. 


When you make your husband go get pizza at 12:30 at night because its all you can think about!


When you visit a friend who hasn't baby proofed their house with your toddler and they break 3 things... #Not my toddler!


If you've ever took a mental inventory of your purse because you're about to ruin everything in it with puke. 


When you're dealing with nausea, constipation, and diarrhea....all in the same bathroom visit!!


When you cry at the end of a Disney Movie! You know, the "animated" kind. (just finished watching Brave with my 3 1/2 yr old - mind you I feel asleep through ALL of it only to wake up at the end and shed tears over the emotional/happy ending)


When you start dreaming about food. 


When you feel like you literally have 'a bun in the oven' from so many hot flashes.


When you forget what someone told you about thirty seconds ago...


When your too uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach anymore and need at least 5 pillows to sleep at night. 


When you cry because your husband reminds you it's day light savings and you are going to lose an hour of sleep even though you are so exhausted! Life's so unfair!!!


When you plan lunch dates based on how clean the bathrooms are just in case you end up with your head in a pubic toilet. BTW our Olive Garden keeps their toilets very clean


When you find yourself muttering under your breath about your damn uterus and how you can't get comfortable to sleep because of it.


When you cry in the movie theater during a preview for the new Annie movie.


When u hate the thought of chocolate anything... this is a sad time for me!


When you take a FOUR hour nap and then sleep through the night just fine...


I hope these brought you some laughs! Till next time :)


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