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As a child grows and changes, so do his nutritional requirements. To ensure your baby is getting all of the nutrients he needs to grow and thrive, we highly recommend you use the stage of formula that corresponds with his age. Formula manufacturers like Hipp and Holle have spent many years perfecting formulations to ensure every stage of your baby’s dietary needs is met. Please note that there is not much difference in the later stages that would warrant a switch on a specific date. You can move forward, or behind a few weeks.

Maltodextrin is a plant-based sweetener. The primary characteristics of maltodextrin is its high solubility, easy and rapid digestibility (high glycemic index), and low sweetness. These characteristics work well in baby formula. High solubility means that the powdered formula will dissolve quickly and smoothly, which makes the formula easier for a baby to drink.

The use of Maltodextrin in infant formulas is widely accepted and there have been no known disadvantages to consuming formulas with maltodextrin.

DHA and ALA are omega-3 fatty acids. DHA fatty acids include fish oil, egg oil, squid oil and krill oil. ALA fatty acid include walnuts, edible seeds, clary sage seed oil, algal oil, flaxseed oil, and hemp oil. DHA is a component for brain and eye tissue development. But the DHA and ALA added to most brands of infant formula is not identical in structure to the fatty acids found in breastmilk.

There have been no studies that have found a benefit to adding DHA to formula. Several published studies all conclude that adding DHA and ALA “had no proven benefit regarding vision, cognition, or physical growth.” Both breast milk and Organic formulas contain essential fatty oils for brain health.

Yes! Palm oil is one of the few vegetable oils that’s naturally rich in saturated fat. Most other vegetable oils are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. By combining palm oil with rapeseed oil and sunflower oil, the mixture provides a good fatty acid profile that meets nutritional requirements for infants.

The more you buy, the more you save!

When you think about buying foods or other items in bulk, you might picture an underground bunker in some remote area with enough supplies to survive a zombie apocalypse. Bulk buying is no joke, however. Buying in bulk is easier than ever, and thanks to our WHOLESALE KITS you are paying less then you would for those standard formulas produced in north America.

The primary difference between our Infant-Formula (stage 1) and Follow-On Formula (stage 2,3,4) is the balance of milk proteins. Both formulas have whey and casein proteins, but in different proportions.

There is also an increase in iron and filling ingredients such as starch to help wean off of formula and introduce more solid foods in the later stages.

Stages marked as PRE should not be confused with Premie or Preterm Birth. PRE milk formulas normally contain no starch so you are able to feed more to your baby on a 3 hour schedule.

Our organic formula is made from grass fed cow’s milk. These cows are not treated with hormones/antibiotics and live a carefree life, which aids in a healthier milk production. European formulas do not contain harmful ingredients, which are found in most American brand baby formulas. They do not contain added fluoride, corn/rice syrup, chemical additives, GMOs, added sugars, preservatives, colors, or soya.

You can be rest assured that you are giving your baby one of the healthiest formula options available in the world!


✅ No GMOs - only biodynamically or organically grown food
✅ Every item of food they produce is constantly checked to make sure it meets the highest legal, safety and nutritional requirements
✅ Never use artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives
✅ No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used to grow their raw ingredients
✅ Your baby (and you) will sleep better
✅ No added sugar
✅ Your baby gets the healthiest food available
✅ Supports your baby’s digestive health
✅ Your baby will feel better

If your infant's tummy is especially sensitive, then HiPP Hypoallergenic (HA) Combiotic is the Formula you need. HiPP HA is the first organic product which is formulated to meet the needs of children who are at risk of allergies. The milk proteins of this formula are divided into small fragments (hydrolysed) in order to reduce the allergenic properties, so your infant can tolerate them better.

Crucial to the success of prevention of allergy is that the HA formula should stay consistent in the first 12 months of your baby's life. Even a small amount of infant formula with non-hydrolyzed protein can lead to sensitization and so jeopardize the benefits of a low-allergen diet.

Because your baby deserves the best!

Did you know that most hospitals and child's pediatricians have a contract with baby formula manufacturers who have paid millions of dollars to market their formula to you in the hospital? Why settle for something sub-par when you can find the best nutrition for your baby?

We understand why you may be skeptical about choosing a formula that was not recommended to you by a healthcare provider, but we urge you to take a good long look at the formula’s ingredient list. Most formulas do does not contain any organic ingredients, which means, these formulas are loaded with pesticides and GMOs, which have not been proven to be safe for human consumption. The first ingredient in this formulas are corn syrup. In other words, highly processed genetically modified sugar. Similac and other "standard" formulas has enabled babies to be addicted to sugar from day one.

German organic formulas are produced without using any toxic substances. The ingredients are safe, natural, nutritious and wholesome. No pesticides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs or added sugar!

The main difference between Holle formula and Lebenswert formula is the formulas biodynamic certification. Holle Organic Infant Milks are certified biodynamic by the Demeter organization, the largest certification organization for biodynamic ingredients. The Bioland Association, Germany’s largest organization for organic farming, certifies Lebenswert formulas.

HiPP formula contains ARA & DHA Oils for your baby’s overall health and development, as well as Prebiotics & Probiotics. Prebiotics are defined as nondigestible food ingredients that helps to cultivate healthy bowel flora, particularly bifidobacteria.

Loulouka is prepared with whole milk and does not contain palm oil or soy. No artificial colors, aromas and flavors, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients were used. Organic farming also focuses on animal welfare, sustainability and harmony with nature. Loulouka products are certified according to European standards for organic food.

You can find all the differences on our helpful comparison chart.
Organic Formula Comparison

We recommend buying Wholesale Kits. Our STARTER KITS are especially made to provide you formula supply for approx. 2 months.




Holle stage 1, PRE



Holle stage 2-4



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HIPP Combiotic




In general, babies eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full. Appetites vary among babies, and each baby's nutritional needs change from day to day and month to month. That may sound complicated, but if you follow the feeding charts printed on each box and check in regularly with your baby's doctor, your baby will likely be on track.