• Free Shipping Available in over 200 Countries and Regions.
  • Most Orders Arrive in Under 15 Business Days.
  • Orders are Shipped from Our Warehouses in Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Better to always Plan Ahead! Unexpected Delays are Possible with carriers! Your Patience is Appreciated.

Thanks to locked in rates with global carriers, we can offer free international shipping. Our free option is an efficient as well as affordable shipping method, ideal for most orders. These orders are shipped via local carriers such as Belgium Post (BPost) and Deutsche Post (DHL). If their are no holidays, congestion, storms or other natural disasters, orders can arrive in under 10 business days.

Always plan and order in-advance. It's important to remember that international shipments are never guaranteed. A shipment can take longer than 15 business days to arrive. On average, shipments arrive earlier than expected. In the rare event that your order is delayed, there is nothing we can do to get formula to you sooner.

Orders are prepared and shipped from our warehouses in Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Nuremburg Germany as well as Netherlands, Monday through Friday.

Most orders are prepared and ship the same day or the following business day. Orders are prepared but do not ship during publicly observed holidays. We've listed the most important holidays below.

1 January

New Year's Day

19 April

Good Friday

21 April


22 April

Easter Monday

27 April

King's Day

1 May

Labour Day (DE)

5 May

Liberation Day

30 May

Ascension Day

9 June


10 June

Whit Monday

3 October

German Unity Day (DE)

24 December

Christmas Eve

25 December

Christmas Day

26 December

Saint Stephen's Day

31 December

New Year's Eve


Formula is delivered to our warehouses directly from manufacturers appropriately. They are stored in our climate-controlled facilities where they are packaged for each order respectively. All products are safely and securely shipped from our strictly maintained warehouses in new, unused and unopened condition.


Using the United Parcel Service (UPS) and DHL, we are able to deliver packages in only 3 to 5 business days to most destinations worldwide. If this option is available in your country or region, simply choose the express option during checkout. Remember: the first day an order is placed does not count as 1 of the 5 days.


We understand the importance of timely shipping with baby formula and we take pride in our celebrated fast shipping speeds. Although we work as quickly as possible to ship orders from our overseas warehouses, your patience and understanding is crucial in this fulfillment process. There are many steps in this fulfillment process that require some time. For example, although your order has shipped, tracking numbers are entered and emailed to customers manually. Therefore it may take up to 48 hours to receive your first shipment notification email including your tracking number. Even after shipping, it may take several days before there is a tracking update. This doesn't mean your order wasn't shipped, is lost or stuck. This is normal while packages are being transported to ports for export or are in-transit between territories.

Customs & Government Agencies

It's very important to always cooperate with customs and government agencies to prevent seizure and possible return of your order. If you are contacted, it is important to always mention the parcel is for personal-use only and is not intended for resale to avoid any unnecessary taxes or fees. We've paid for all the necessary shipping costs including taxes and fees to deliver shipments directly to your door. In international shipping lingo, this is referred to as Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) or Door-to-Door Transport. It is possible that you may be held responsible for extra taxes and duties (including VAT) imposed by your country of residence. In such an event, we do not issue any refunds or credits for such costs. We do this because such costs are the result of a change likely in the customs declaration and there is no way for us to verify the authenticity of such charges.