baby formula FAQs

 We have more than 5 years of experience under our belts, hundreds of excellent reviews, thousands of orders that have been punctually shipped without incidents to our increasingly growing customer base, there is no reason not to trust us.


We also have fulfilled the "Trusted Shops" quality criteria (you can view our certificate here). Compliance with the criteria is continuously audited by experts. The audit covers areas such as, data protection, costs and payment, delivery terms, processing of returns and customer service.

Our formula experts are happy to help, should you have any questions or require individual help. We typically answer your emails within a couple of hours. Please contact us also by phone. All calls are toll-free for the USA and Canada

Tastyganics operated organic food company based in Germany. We are a team of parents who believe babies and families around the world have a right to safe and healthy organic formula. It is our mission to make European organic formula available to other like-minded parents at an affordable cost - worldwide!

Our mission begins all over again with every order. Pure passion for organic food products. And the best experts in each field of specialisation. Precisely this is to be found in Germany.

Today we are one of the most affordable, trustworthy and reliable vendor’s of Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert formula in Europe.

We are right at the source of our supplier, so we can offer our customers discounted prices of up to 60% cheaper than anywhere else on the web. It’s possible, because we are shipping directly from Germany - where the most organic formulas are made. We are an established German organic food company with a large warehouse consisting of an excellent network of manufacturers, which produces the formulas. As a result, we are immediately informed of any recalls, or potential issues regarding our formula, therefore, enabling us to always ship the freshest batch available to our customers.

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