Holle Organic Goat Stage 4 Formula 400 g

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Holle Goat Stage 4 (12+ Months) Milk Formula (400g)

  • EU Organic Certified
  • Premium quality milk from happy goats
  • Easy to digest formula for babies with cow milk sensitivities
  • Simple ingredients that support development
  • Chemical & hormone-free agriculture and manufacturing

A digestible formula for sensitive tummies.

One of the most common allergies afflicting children under 3 years old is an allergy to cow’s milk. To ensure babies with a cow’s milk allergy or sensitivity are
getting the nutrients they need, Holle has developed their Organic Goat Milk Formula!

Compared to cow’s milk, research has shown that goat’s milk is more quickly and completely digested by babies. A leading factor in cow’s milk indigestion is the Alpha S1 Casein milk protein which Holle’s Organic Goat Milk Formula contains 89% less of.

Instead, it’s formulated with A2 goat milk protein which is composed of smaller fat molecules and less lactose for easier digestion.

Holle’s goat milk is EU organic certified and sourced from biodynamic farms that use chemical-free agricultural practices that respect animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Your baby deserves the best, that’s why Holle’s formula is free of artificial sweeteners and GMOs. It’s packed full of nutrients like vitamin A, D, and E, minerals, and essential fatty acids (DHA and ARA).

About Holle Goat Stage 4

Ingredients that protect your baby's health.

Holle stage 4 formula is suitable for use from 12 months of age as a substitute for or complement to breastmilk. This formula is intended to be used as part of a mixed diet of bottle feeds and weaning until the end of the baby's 3rd year of life.

During this phase of rapid development, babies' energetic needs increase which is why stage 4 is enriched with a higher quantity of micro and macronutrients.

Some of these important ingredients include DHA and iron to support brain development, slow-digesting bioavailable carbs that keep your baby satisfied longer, and Vitamin D for improved calcium absorption and bone strength.

These ingredients are soft on sensitive stomachs and may help to alleviate digestive problems like constipation, gas, bloating, and cramps or colic.

When your baby is no longer satisfied with stage 3, stage 4 formula can be introduced starting at 12 months at a pediatrician's suggestion.

Stage 4 supplies the necessary calories and nutrients while maintaining a simple organic ingredients list formulated to be as close to breast milk as possible for a high-quality formula.

This nutritionally complete formula will help support your little one’s natural digestion and growth. Each box contains 400g of formula.

Important Note:
If your baby has been formally diagnosed with a cow’s milk allergy (rather than merely showing signs of sensitivity), Holle Goat Milk Formulas may not be suitable due to the similar protein structures in cow’s and goat’s milk.

Instead, you may wish to consider a hypoallergenic formula. These formulas contain hydrolyzed proteins that are less likely to produce an allergy response.

  • For babies 12+ months
  • EU certified organic
  • Whole goat milk
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors, GMOs or preservatives
  • Gluten, soy, and palm oil free
  • Short ingredients list
  • Contains ARA (Omega-6) & plant-based DHA (Omega-3)
  • Vegetarian friendly



Whole Goat Milk Powder*1 39.8%, Maltodextrin*, Vegetable Oils* (Sunflower Oil*, Rapeseed Oil*), Starch*, Lactose*, Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Citrate, Algal Oil2, L-Cystine, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin C, L-Tryptophan, L-Tyrosine, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Iron Lactate, Vitamin E, Iron Sulfate, Zinc Sulphate, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid.

Countries of origin of the main ingredients: Netherlands / Austria

*from organic farming

¹ 100g of powdered infant milk is made from 293ml of whole milk

² contains DHA (required by law for follow-on formula)

Allergens: Contains milk, milk products

Nutritional facts per 100 g / 100 ml
Energy: 2131.08 kJ - 509 kcal / 281.31 kJ - 67.19 kcal
Fat of which:: 26.2 g / 3.46 g
Saturated fatty acid: 9.9 g / 1.31 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids: 12.2 g / 1.61 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 4.1 g / 0.54 g
Linoleic acid (Omega 3): 3600 mg / 475 mg
α - Linoleic acid: 380 mg / 50 mg
DHA: 109 mg / 14.39 mg
Carbohydrates of which:: 57.4 g / 7.58 g
Sugar: 25 g / 3.3 g
Lactose: 24.1 g / 3.2 g
Starch: 8.1 g / 1.1 g
Protein: 11 g / 1.45 g
Vitamin A: 494 µg RE / 65.21 µg RE
Vitamin D3: 13 µg / 1.72 µg
Vitamin E: 14 mg / 1.85 mg
Vitamin K: 43 µg / 5.7 µg
Vitamin C: 93 mg / 12.28 mg
Vitamin B1 - Thiamine: 0.41 mg / 0.05 mg
Vitamin B2 - Riboflavine: 0.56 mg / 0.07 mg
Niacin: 3 mg / 0.40 mg
Vitamin B6: 0.31 mg / 0.04 mg
Folic acid: 102 µg / 13.46 µg
Vitamin B12: 1.3 µg / 0.17 µg
Biotin: 17 µg / 2.24 µg
Pantothenic acid: 2.9 mg / 0.38 mg
Potassium: 623 mg / 82.24 mg
Calcium: 565 mg / 74.58 mg
Phosphorus: 325 mg / 42.9 mg
Magnesium: 52 mg / 6.86 mg
Iron: 8.1 mg / 1.07 mg
Zinc: 3.6 mg / 0.48 mg
Copper: 0.36 mg / 0.05 mg
Manganese: 0.05 mg / 0.01 mg
Fluoride: 0.04 mg / 0.01 mg
Selenium: 19 µg / 2.51 µg
Iodine: 115 µg / 15.18 µg
Sodium: 149 mg / 19.67 mg

Standard preparation: 100ml of ready-to-drink formula consists of 13.2g of Holle organic follow-on milk 4 based on goat's milk and 90ml of boiled water. One package of Organic Follow-on Milk 3 based on goat's milk yields approx. 30 meals of 100 ml drinking quantity (standard recipe).

Directions For Use

1. Boil fresh drinking water and cool to approx. 40°-50° C / 104-122° F.

Please follow the preparation instructions exactly. Dosing in the correct quantities will ensure your baby always receives the nutrients he or she needs.

2. Add half of the required water to the bottle.

Only use the provided measuring spoon - 1 Flattened measuring spoon equals 4.4 g / 0.155 oz.

3. Fill the measuring spoon and level the formula powder on the spoon. Add the advised amount of formula to the bottle.

Do not change the proportions of infant formula powder except with explicit medical advice.

4. Close the bottle and shake thoroughly.

Incorrect preparation and storage may result in damage to health.

5. Add the remaining water and shake thoroughly again.

Always prepare bottles fresh. Do not re-use leftovers.

6. Cool to drinking temperature of approx. 37° C / 98.6° F. Check temperature, e.g. with a thermometer.

Do not heat baby food in the microwave (danger of overheating).

The recommended drinking amount and number of bottles per day are general guidelines only. Your baby does not have to drink the bottle completely. Individual deviations are completely normal.

Important Notes

A mother’s milk is the most natural and beneficial nourishment for your baby – including all nutrients and vitamins needed. Follow-on Formula Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk 4 is specially formulated for the dietary needs of infants from the 12th month onwards and should be given as a part of a mixed diet. Do not use the milk as a substitute for breast milk during the first 11 months of life.

Read the product information clearly before introducing the formula to the baby. The decision to start weaning your baby before 12 months of age should be made with the help and advice of an independent healthcare professional and depends on your babyʼs individual development and needs. We recommend the use of this product from the age of 12 months onwards.

Do not allow your baby to suck on its bottle continuously to prevent possible damage to teeth. Pay special attention to your baby’s dental hygiene once his or her first tooth has come through.


Amount of water

(ml / fl oz)

Number of measuring spoons*

Prepared product

(ml / fl oz)

Bottles per day

150 / 5.07


165 / 5.58

1 - 2

180 / 6.09


200 / 6.76

210 / 7.10


230 / 7.77


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