Derma Sciences Medihoney Gel | Wound & Burn Dressing - 0.5 Ounce

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Features and Benefits

  • All-Natural
  • Made with Active Leptospermum Honey
  • Thickened Honey for Better Adhesion
  • Ideal for Superficial to Full-Thickness Wounds
  • Great Option for Stalled or Chronic Wounds
  • Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial, and Antioxidant Agent
  • High Osmotic Potential
  • Easy Dressing Changes that Don't Harm the Wound
  • Cleanses the Wound Bed
  • Lowers Wound pH Levels
  • Provides Pain-Free Autolytic Debridement
  • Pulls Fluids Up and Out of the Wound
  • Removes Wound Debris
  • Removes Unhealthy, Dying Tissue
  • Heals Wounds Significantly Faster than Conventional Dressings
  • Reduces Odor
  • Helps Balance Moisture
  • Helps Maintain a Moist Wound Environment
  • Can Be Used From Beginning to End of the Healing Process
  • Antibiotic and Pesticide-Free
  • Sterile
  • Non-Toxic and Safe
  • Can Be Used for Soreness and Cracking Caused by Breast-Feeding
  • Can Be Used by Patients of Any Age

Who Will Find MediHoney Wound Gel Useful?

Users looking for the following may find this product beneficial:

  • An all-natural wound care option
  • A dressing for superficial to full-thickness wounds
  • A dressing that is effective for hard to heal wounds such as undermined, tunneling, stalled, or chronic wounds
  • A product that can be used throughout the entire care process
  • A product that is free of latex and other sensitivity and allergy-causing materials commonly used in wound care

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