Vitamin D3 VESIsorb®

Size: 60 capsules
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Enhanced vitamin D3 absorbtion to promote musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurocognitive, cellular and immune health‡

• Promotes enhanced vitamin D absorption‡
• Promotes blood flow and antioxidant defense for optimal cardiovascular health‡
• Promotes optimal bone and cellular health‡


You’ve heard it called the “sunshine vitamin,” and you can also get vitamin D from certain foods and supplements. This Vitamin D3 enhanced absorption supplement is offered in a VESIsorb® liquid-filled capsule, promoting optimal musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurocognitive, cellular and immune health. It also promotes blood flow and antioxidant defense.

What’s valuable about a VESIsorb® vitamin delivery system: it promotes the availability for the vitamin to easily dissolve—enhancing its absorption. Each capsule contains 50 mcg (2,000 IU) of vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol. 


1-2 Caplique® Capsules daily. Consume with food 


Vitamin D3 VESIsorb®
Supplemental Facts
Amount Per Serving
each Caplique® Capsule contains:
vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)(D3)
50 mcg (2,000 IU)

other ingredients: medium chain triglycerides, polysorbate 80, polyglycerol fatty acid esters, vegetarian Caplique® Capsule (cellulose, water), silica
Caplique® is a registered trademark used with permission.
A Pure Encapsulations® Caplique® capsule is a liquid-filled, two piece capsule sealed with a band. Each capsule is preserved with a nitrogen bubble, which may give the appearance of the capsule not being full. Contents may appear cloudy or thick and may settle or separate.
VESIsorb® is a registered trademark of Source One Global Partners.
1-2 Caplique® Capsules daily. Consume with food.


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